Designed for the way you Live & Learn

We all live busy lives in this modern world.

Making time to travel to classes can be exactly the right thing to do or it can be just another stressor.

So why be stressed when we can use all the benefits of modern technology to enhance and improve our experience of training.

Through a unique combination of technologies we deliver a higher quality of on-line education which combines all the benefits of being at class in the comfort of your own home or workspace anywhere in the world.

This why we have enabled remote access to our live training workshops so that you can join us LIVE from where-ever you are*. We call this Tele-Presence or * LIVE Enabled.

The truth is that life is a continuous process of acquiring knowledge and knowledge is only ever applicable right at the moment when it is need. So we have designed our training programs to encompass the very best of the latest systems to help you achieve the right level of expertise, so that you can be the very best for your clients, while reducing your stress.

Check out our course catalogue and book the level of service that is right for you.

* Requires access to a high speed internet link of 20Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload plus appropriate software for reading documentation.